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Biotechnologist with Focus on Bioinformatics

Voros Innovation has been at the cutting edge of software, tech innovation, and commercialization for 14 years. With our current focus on the fast-expanding field of Artificial Intellegence (AI)-driven software solutions in biotech and AI-driven drug discovery in particular, we are on the lookout for an exceptional Biotechnologist with a focus on Bioinformatics to drive our new projects focused on:

  • Develop and deploy innovative AI software tools aimed at enhancing the identification and prediction of therapeutics for infectious, chronic, and genetic disorders. This initiative will harness advanced Machine Learning (ML) algorithms for genomic data analysis, enabling precision in drug docking predictions, to meet the emerging market demand for such technologies across pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, and research organizations
  • Offer specialized consultancy to tailor our AI software for client-specific drug discovery projects, assisting with both the deployment and practical application of the technology to streamline their research and development processes

“A bioinformatician is a specialist who combines computer science into the area of biology by analysing large data sets such as raw genomic data for clinical and research purposes. Bioinformaticians create and maintain databases of genomic information, develop and use mathematical models for statistical analysis and carry out dynamic simulations and pattern analysis.”

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. AI Software Research and Design: Lead the development of AI-powered bioinformatics software that can identify therapeutic agents, targeting infectious, genetic and chronic diseases, to innovate treatment options.

2. Development Collaboration and Technical Specification: Guide the software development team in understanding and applying research findings into AI-driven applications, ensuring the creation of software that is grounded in robust scientific principles and detailed technical specifications.

3. Data Analysis and Algorithm Development: Create and optimize algorithms for big data analysis in drug docking prediction, ensuring precision, efficiency, and scalability.

4. Prototyping, Testing, and UX (user interface) Design: Participate in software prototyping, oversee rigorous testing phases for functionality and scientific accuracy, and establish UX criteria for optimal scientific utility.

5. Patent Writing and Presenting at Conferences: Craft patent applications for these innovative software products and processes, as well as showcasing research findings to the scientific community and stakeholders at conferences to advance the company’s reputation in the field.

6. Expertise Integration and Knowledge Transfer: Infuse software development with cutting-edge bioinformatics and genomics expertise, and transfer this knowledge to the software development team.

7. Consultancy on AI-Driven Drug Discovery: Offer specialized consultancy services, guiding clients through the intricacies of using our AI software solutions in drug discovery and the application of bioinformatics data analysis.

8. Client Project Management and Software Customization: Manage client projects with a focus on integrating and customizing our AI software applications to fit diverse drug discovery endeavors, ensuring client satisfaction and project success.

9. AI Software Training and Experimental Consulting: Develop comprehensive training for clients on our AI software applications usage in drug discovery and provide consultancy for designing and validating in silico experiments.

10. Experimentation and validation: Facilitate laboratory experiments with clients to empirically validate the computational predictions of drug efficacy, ensuring that the AI-driven software’s outputs translate into tangible therapeutic outcomes.

11. Collaboration and R&D for Biotech Innovations: Build collaborative partnerships and conduct R&D to advance the capabilities of our AI solutions, positioning them at the forefront of biotech solutions.

12. Continuous Learning and Innovation in AI Biotech: Commit to ongoing learning and innovation, staying current with AI and bioinformatics trends to enhance both software solutions and consultancy services.

Qualifications and Job Requirements:

  • Ph.D. in Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, or related fields, with a strong foundation in medical sciences.
  • Extensive experience in the domain of drug discovery, with particular expertise in bioinformatics and AI.
  • Proven leadership in research project management, with a solid track record of scientific publications in high-impact journals.
  • Exceptional communication skills, adept at navigating technical, scientific, and business discussions.
  • Employment:- A full-time employee is engaged to work:
    (a) 38 ordinary hours per week; or
    (b) an average of 38 ordinary hours per week in a fortnight or 4-week period.
  • Salary Ranges from AUD 165,000 to 175,000+ Statutory Superannuation.
  • Minimum Experience Required: 10+ years.
  • Location: West Lakes, South Australia.

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