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Software Development, Commercialization Consultancy, and Pioneering AI-Driven Health Solutions

Leveraging our robust background in software development, we’ve seamlessly ventured into the forefront of AI-driven biotech solutions, with a special emphasis on AI-enabled drug discovery. This journey from software innovation to being pioneers in artificial intelligence within healthcare is a testament to our dedication towards pushing the boundaries of medical science and enhancing global health outcomes. Our commercialization consultancy expertise plays a critical role in this evolution, ensuring that our groundbreaking technologies not only lead in innovation but also in achieving widespread adoption and commercial success. This strategic fusion of technological prowess and commercial insight is our formula for driving the development of AI-driven solutions that stand at the vanguard of biomedical advancements, paving the way for a healthier tomorrow.

Software Development

With decades of experience in crafting cutting-edge software for iOS and MacOS, our journey is marked by millions of downloads and a vast user base, establishing a strong foundation for our leap into AI-driven health solutions.

Technology Consultancy

Leveraging our history, we’ve delivered technology consultancy to renowned institutions like CSIRO and UNSW, driving innovation from renewable energy to medical devices by assessing their commercial viability and bridging research with market success.

AI-driven health solutions

From a solid foundation in software development to leading in AI-driven biotech and drug discovery, our journey showcases a deep commitment to advancing healthcare through technology. We’re pioneers in AI for healthcare, dedicated to enhancing global health outcomes with our cutting-edge solutions at the forefront of biomedical innovation.

Software Development

With decades of experience in crafting cutting-edge software for iOS and MacOS, our journey has been characterized by relentless innovation and excellence, resulting in millions of downloads and a vast, loyal user base. This rich history of success not only establishes a strong foundation but also propels us confidently into the future of healthcare with our leap into AI-driven health solutions. Our expertise in developing intuitive, robust applications has seamlessly transitioned into creating sophisticated, AI-powered tools designed to revolutionize the biotech industry. This strategic pivot reflects our commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of health outcomes worldwide, positioning us as leaders in the intersection of technology and healthcare innovation.

Technology Consultancy

Building on our rich history, we’ve provided technology consultancy for esteemed institutions like CSIRO and UNSW, harnessing our deep industry insights to drive innovation and research excellence. Our consultancy has been pivotal in assessing the commercial viability of diverse research projects, from renewable energy solutions to groundbreaking medical devices, effectively bridging the gap between innovative research and market success.

AI-Driven Health Solutions

With a strong heritage in successful software development, we’ve transcended our expertise to embrace the dynamic realm of AI-driven solutions, focusing on the revolutionary fields of biotech and AI-powered drug discovery. Our journey from foundational software innovation to becoming pioneers in artificial intelligence applications in healthcare epitomizes our commitment to advancing medical science and enhancing health outcomes globally. This evolution reflects our dedication to harnessing cutting-edge technology for a healthier tomorrow, where our AI-driven solutions stand at the forefront of biomedical breakthroughs.

Tibor Voros, our Chief Technology Officer, has a career deeply rooted in the intricacies of technology and commercialization consultancy. Starting his journey in the dynamic world of tech innovation, Tibor’s early endeavors laid the foundation for his expertise in navigating the complex path from conceptualization to market success. His keen insight into the technological needs of businesses and his ability to bridge the gap between innovative ideas and their practical application set the stage for his later accomplishments. Transitioning into software development and publishing, Tibor excelled in creating solutions that not only met but exceeded user expectations, garnering millions of downloads and establishing a significant user base. His foray into AI and its application in biotech is a testament to his forward-thinking approach and commitment to harnessing technology for the greater good. Under Tibor’s leadership, our AI-driven health solutions are poised to revolutionize the industry, making significant strides in drug discovery and biotechnological innovations.

Tibor Voros, Chief Technology Officer

Sandy Rosko serves as our Chief Research Officer, bringing a wealth of experience in market research, consultancy, and medical research to the table. Her career began with a strong focus on understanding market dynamics and leveraging this knowledge to advise clients on strategic decision-making. Sandy’s expertise in consultancy has been instrumental in guiding businesses through the complexities of market penetration and growth strategies. Her transition into medical research and publishing marked a pivotal shift towards harnessing scientific discoveries for societal benefit. Sandy’s work has significantly contributed to advancing our understanding of biotechnology and its applications in healthcare. With a keen interest in AI, she has been at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence with medical research, aiming to unlock new possibilities in disease treatment and healthcare solutions. Sandy’s leadership in research and development continues to drive our mission forward, ensuring that our AI-driven projects lead to meaningful health outcomes.

Sandy Rosko, Chief Research Officer

Building on a Foundation of Software Development and Publishing Excellence, and Technology Consultancy Expertise to Pioneering AI-Driven Discoveries for a Healthier Tomorrow

Our mission is to harness our deep-rooted expertise in software development and technology consultancy to lead the advancement of AI-driven health innovations. We are committed to transforming the landscape of healthcare by turning groundbreaking AI research into tangible solutions that improve health outcomes and quality of life globally. With every innovation, we aim to build a brighter, healthier future, making tomorrow’s possibilities today’s realities.